Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Day 31 - Okamino and Beyond

Pondering many things, not least of which the last day of the year, many, many hikes and why so many. What to do next year? A friend suggested I do an Okamino style month in my home town Blind River, Ontario. There are beautiful hikes in and around the town, around lakes, with the Trans-Canada Trail and most likely with friends who would be willing. Sounds like an intriguing prospect worthy of exploring.  Lovingly, it might be called Blindamino? I am open to suggestions.

A nasty rhinovirus is doing battle with my immune system and both of us were up at a ridiculous hour to get our son and his wife to the airport for 5:00 am, which is why I forgot any photographic device, which is why you will just have to believe that this was the hardest climb up Knox ever. Sunny and cold and I was once, glad it was over. 

Happy New Year all!

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