Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 48 Okamino and Beyond
You find something new everytime! Hadn't walked this trail on the top of Knox this way before and it gave me some perspective of where we were in relation to houses along the water. Beautiful even though it is gray.
 I've heard it said that it is a measure of a culture's progressiveness if there are public washrooms available where people are. If that's the case, Kelowna is very civilized as here we are on the top of Knox by the pavilion and there a porta-potty installed. Made use of it just to let them know it wasn't in vain.
Day 49 Okamino and Beyond
The umbrella was for the rain as we started up Knox, but it soon stopped and glorious sun joined us. It is illogical to think that's it because I had an umbrella that the sun kept on, but there you go, we are human after all.

There it is, the sun, making lights lighter and darks, darker and showing off reds. Yippeee!

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