Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Okamino and Beyond
The heArt Fit community was strong this morning, buzzing with activity, participants busy creating with this quote in mind:  "For all those years you’ve protected the seed. It's time to become the beautiful flower."  -- Stephen C. Paul (scholar and physicist)

Even Mary who comes in to take pictures of us to post on the RCA's facebook page got into it. Mary has done an excellent job since she's been here. Go check out her work: https://www.facebook.com/rotarycentreforthearts. 

 "Spontaneous painting" does not come easily to me. It is the fundamental premise of heArt Fit which runs counter to my experience and training. But, I may have found a way of doing it, without giving up that ideal.  Here is a beautiful example of spontaneous creativity.  

Gorgeous, luscious composition isn't it? It also happens to be someone's unintentionally placed  paint on a palette.  Happiness #1 today was being able to carefully photograph wet palette paint.

Another unintentionally beautiful composition. Happiness #2 for the day!

This watercolour is Grace's. She fully explored the seed of flower and fire. She also used her expensive Windsor Newton watercolours with abandon. Good on you Grace!

Happiness #3 was able to walk the WRT with my daughter. It was WINDY!

Davidson's penstemon just popped out of the ground in the last week!

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